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The Ultimate Guides for All-Nighter!

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As students, we are often nagged that we shouldn’t pull an all-nighter and it’s very bad for your health. But let’s admit it, it is quite impossible to get through college/university without pulling at least one intense and crazy all-nighter, especially right before assignment deadlines or exams. The thing is – it actually works!  We can’t deny the fact that last minute work actually makes you more productive in completing assignment or revising examination.

That being said, how do you pull an all-nighter effectively?

1) Target the right things to do

Before you even start anything, identify and select the important information that you need to get it done by tomorrow.

Inexperienced all-nighter person fails to achieve his/her goal because he/she fails to realize that it is impossible to study knowledge of the whole semester in one night. You can do that if you’re genius, but too bad you’re probably not.

Thus, ensure you study only the important summarized notes instead of trying to cram everything in. Study smart, not study hard. Accept the fact that you will need to have a tradeoff between topics. If you’re lucky enough to study all the right topics, you might even pass with flying colors.

2) Choose the best place to study/complete assignment

Never ever try to pull an all-nighter in your bed, on couch or anywhere that you feel comfortable. It’s pretty silly to think that you can stay up all night lying in your bed.  It’s impossible especially when it’s for revision.

  • Work on somewhere that requires an effort to crawl back to your sleeping space.
  • Also, if you’re able to concentrate, find places with people around. It helps you to stay conscious and less likely to sleep with people around you.
  • Change your sitting posture once in a while and try to study while standing up occasionally. It prevents dizziness and tiredness.


Best places: Library, study room in your school, friend’s house, 24/7 coffee house etc.

3) Does caffeine help?

Many articles or even your friends will tell you not to consume coffee / Red Bull as it will only jeopardize your last minute studies. It’s true – to a certain extent.


For those who’ve tried using caffeine to stay awake, you know it is actually quite effective in the sense that it helps you to be more energetic for a period of time. It might be a placebo effect, but some people claim that they can stay awake for 24 hours straight, not needing to sleep after consuming a can of Red Bull!


Caffeine might cause unpleasantness or what we called caffeine crashes after the effect wears away. For people susceptible to caffeine, it might induce anxiety, migraine or even panic attacks.

So should I consume caffeine to stay awake?

Eduwow’s advice is to consume it if you need to stay awake for one or two nights at most (e.g.: your assignment deadline is on tomorrow) and not to consume it if you need to stay awake for one week or so (e.g.: exam week). This way, you can enjoy the ‘benefits’ of caffeine, without the risk of jeopardizing your studies.

4) Plan a last-minute schedule

It is a technique that I use personally when it comes to pulling all-nighter. So, how to plan a schedule that actually works? Try planning it with 1 hour interval. It can be something like this:

Time Chapters
12.00pm – 1.00pm 1, 2
1.00pm – 2.00pm 3
2.00pm – 3.00pm 4

And here comes the best part: if you’re able to complete your schedule within that one hour, the less of that one hour will be your relaxation time. For example, if you complete chapter 1 and 2 at 12.45pm, the remaining 15 minutes will be your time to relax. You can surf your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and etc. Trust me, this method will give you motivation to finish your task as quickly as possible so that you can have time to relax. However, you will need to follow your schedule strictly to ensure you can finish everything in time. This method never fails me during last-minute revision.

Editor’s note

I was a student and I know it was never an easy task to complete your assignment or do your revision in a timely manner. It is important that you find ways to cope with it. Pulling an all-nighter is not an optimized strategy but it’s still much better than giving up without even trying. Personally, I had always completed my academic work in a last-minute manner. Following the four strategies stated above, I was managed to graduate with a better-than-average result (thankfully!).

I hope this article helps and share this article to your friend(s) who always pull an all-nighter but failed miserably!